Customs consulting services
since 1998

About TamKon

JSC "TamKon" (Novosibirsk) is the most old-established licensed customs broker in the region.

Since 1998 our company is focused on export and import customs clearance of goods into Russia, and organization of cargo delivery.

Our contact details:

Russia, Novosibirsk, pr. Dzerzhinskogo, 1/3, 15rd floor

Phone: +7 (383) 363 04 60

Fax: +7 (383) 363 09 27

e-mail: office@tamkon.ru


Customs clearance and logistics are our profession !

We offer the following services for our customers within Russia:

  • import customs clearance of goods from China, the EEC countries and the Baltic countries, Turkey, Central Asia and many others;
  • export  customs clearance of Russian goods abroad;
  • arranging international delivery of goods by air, railway, maritime and automobile transport;
  • consulting on the developing of foreign trade activities in Russia;
  • installation and support of software products and systems for customs clearance.

Why collaboration with us is profitable for you:

  • we have large customer base and a good reputation in the region;
  • our strong business relations with major Russian companies – importers;
  • we are experienced in creating and holding  of business with Russian companies;
  • possibility to transfer foreign currency payments through our company (in USD, EURO, CNY) and pass us on outsourcing client’s import activity;
  • transparent working conditions and pricing;
  • quality control when receiving goods from the supplier in cooperation with specialized inspection  companies;
  • we are experienced of working with partners and contractors from China, the EEC countries, Central Asia and the English speaking staff;
  • we provide remote customs clearance of goods at customs terminals throughout Russia;
  • we are experienced of complex and  exclusive customs clearance projects
  • we are located in the largest transport hub of Siberia.

Our partners:

  • transport and logistics companies (China, Russia, Belarus, Germany)
  • trade fairs and expo’s
  • Russian certificating companies
  • suppliers of goods imported into Russia

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