Customs consulting services
since 1998

We provide customs clearance, logistics and software for electronic customs declaring in Russia

Our Basic Services:

Import and Export customs clearance

custom clearance service in Russia

  • advising on terms and conditions of foreign trade contracts and structuring of the deal;
  • determining of optimal customs clearance method and calculation of client’s overheads;
  • check for trademarks registration and intellectual property in the territory of the Russian Federation referring to imported goods;
  • classifying of goods according to Russian HS system;
  • pre-inspection of goods before customs declaring;
  • customs declaring of goods, which cross the border of the Customs Union (electronic customs declaring, preliminary declaring);
  • assistance in passing of official’s procedures referring to declared goods (phytosanitary control, certification, etc.);
  • assistance in obtaining of Federal Customs Service’s permission to apply 0% import duty rate;
  • arranging of translation of documents into Russian;
  • exclusive full cycle service - contract maintenance of import (customs import outsourcing) - organization of purchase, customs clearance and delivery of the goods abroad on behalf of a client and our full participation in a foreign trade deal settlement.


Our Related Services:

Arranging of international shipping of goods

logistics service in Russia

  • developing of an optimal route and mode of transportation according to the goods’ parameters, country of origin, time limits and transportation specifics;
  • pre-estimating of timing and delivery costs;
  • drawing-up of shipping documents, as well as control of documents provided by the supplier and carriers;
  • arranging of "door-to-door" shipping in any region of Russia and around the world;
  • arranging of cargo storing client after customs clearance completion;
  • cargo receiving  and placing cargo at customs storage warehouse for customs clearance;
  • arranging cargo insurance under the customer’s instruction;
  • informing the customer about its goods’ shipping progress and their on-line tracking.


As our customs and logistics departments are tightly connected when proceeding each order, we always forsee and consider special custom and taxation requirements for shipping documents.


Search for products or their analogues in the markets of China and Europe

product and suppliers search service in Russia

We refer to our accumulated database of suppliers, as well as online resources in English, Chinese and other languages to serve our Russian clients who require:

  • imported equipment to expand or start a new production;
  • purchase or manufacturing of test batch of imported goods;
  • imported analogues of available goods, materials or equipment.

We provide available catalogs and commercial offers to our concerned customers and always welcome new suppliers and partners, which’s products are interesting to our customers.​

We are also glad to offer you our assistance in search of suppliers and products within Russia and Russian speaking countries of Euroasian Economic Unit (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan).


Arranging of pre-shipment and other inspection of goods

inspection service in Russia

To minimize the risk of short supply of goods or defects in products delivered to our customers we attract independent inspection companies to verify the goods abroad and also do provide similar services in Russia:

  • random and comprehensive pre-shipment inspection of quality and quantity of goods supplied
  • inspection of vehicle load / container
  • inspection of the manufacturing process and auditing supplier
  • sampling
  • laboratory tests​

Certification of goods

certification service in Russia

Certification of products is an important part of customs clearance process when importing into Russia.

Daily traffic of customs declaring has allowed us to fine-tune arranging of certification documents in respect of goods imported by our customers:

  • arranging and control of workflow between our client and certifying organization for the purpose of certification;
  • organization of sampling, provision of goods to the test;
  • receiving certification documents and passing them to the customs authorities.​

Customs consulting

cosulting service in Russia

We not only develop business solutions.

Every day we test them in our own practice and evaluate their effectiveness, constantly improving and keeping an eye on new trends in customs and logistics.

Our areas of consulting:

Customs consulting on import and export of goods in Russia, including:

  • legal support at customs authorities and courts on matters related to customs clearance;
  • issuing of expert opinions on customs clearance and classifying of goods for bringing to court

Management consulting for obtaining and supporting the status of foreign trade activity participant with regard of import / export of goods to Russia.

EDS and software for on-line customs declaring

customs software and EDS in Russia

We are an authorized dealer of "Alta-Soft" (Moscow) - one of the leading Russian developers of software for participants of foreign economic activity.

Software we offer:

  • for automated filling of customs documents and remote submission of declaration;
  • for classifying goods, calculating of customs duties;
  • database of customs legislation documents;
  • for calculating rail transportation fee.​

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