SINCE 1998


customs clearance, logistics and
software for e-customs declaration
in Russia

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- determining of optimal customs clearance method and calculation of client’s overheads; 

- classifying of goods according to Russian HS system; 

- customs declaration of goods, which cross the border of the Eurasian Economic Union; 

- full cycle importation / exportation service (outsourcing).


- arranging "door-to-door" shipping, packing and insurance of your delivery in any region of Russia and around the world; 

- consignee / shipper services; 

- arranging official procedures referring to declared goods (phytosanitary control, certification, checking trademarks, etc.); 

- pre-inspection of goods before customs declaration; 

- arranging temporary storage of goods after customs clearance completion;

- pre-estimating of timing and delivery costs.


- training for self-sustained declaring of goods within Russia; 

- consulting for obtaining and supporting the status of foreign trade activity participant in Russia; 

- EDS and software for on-line customs declaration.


- advising on terms and conditions of foreign trade contracts and structuring of the deal; 

- legal support at customs authorities and courts on matters related to customs clearance; 

- issuing of expert opinions on customs clearance and classifying of goods.


our advantages

working with experts

we are experienced in complex and exclusive customs clearance projects for industry and trade companies.

Stable performance

We work since 1998 keeping up only legal instruments and clear workflow

advantageous location

We are located in the largest transport hub of Siberia, connecting both West and East parts of Russia.

easy payments

We provide settlements in basic foreign currencies (USD, EURO, CNY)

clear terms

We stand for transparent terms of working, documents and pricing

Easy communication

We have English speaking staff

strategy partners

We have a long-term cooperation with:
- transport and logistics companies (China, Russia, Belarus, Germany);
- trade fairs and expo’s;
- Russian certificating companies


we are proud of

mining equipment 

complex supply of mining equipment from China, Czech Republic, Australia, Great Britain, Ukraine

production equipment

import of production lines for filling,  packaging,  metalworking and export of industrial equipment

garments and accessoires

luxury brands clothing and accessories, and bulk supplies of clothes for Russian democratic brands

HORECA equipment

imports of furniture and equipment for cinemas, exhibition centers, hotels and restaurants

products and
raw materials

regular supply of chemicals and hazardous substances, finishing materials for construction,  non-food goods for retail chains

international exhibitions

temporary import and export of expositions and fairs in Novosibirsk, "Kuzbass Fair" (Nоvokuznetsk) and abroad

Helpful Information

 for better understanding of Russian custom clearance features and
making communication with Russian partners more efficient

Customs clearance

usual import / export costs
in Russia

- the purchase price and packaging of goods in the country of export; 

- export clearance costs in the country of export; 

- costs of goods’ delivery to the border of the importing country; 

- import duty; 

- VAT and excise duties in the country of import; 

- customs duty in the country of import; 

- inspection company’s fee in the country of export; 

- bank charges relating to currency payments; 

- shipping and insurance costs in the country of import; 

- temporary custom storage fee for storing goods during customs  clearance in the country of import; 

- certification costs necessary for completion of customs clearance in the country of import; 

- custom brokerage and logistics fee.


CONSIGNMENT details for calculating
the delivery costs

- Name and quantity of goods GROSS weight of cargo kg 

- Net weight of cargo kg 

- Packing volume of cargo CBM (M3) 

- Packing measurements (W x H x D) in cm 

- Pieces in one package 

- Packing material 

- Date when goods are ready for carriage 

- Departure location address (warehouse address) 

- Destination location address <br>Delivery terms (Incoterms) 

- Number of packages 

- The maximum weight of one package

- Special cargo requirements (dangerous goods, the possibility of tipping and stacking)

Request form 

If you are going to start a large or complex import / export project in Russia, we are always ready to cooperate and will be happy to share our experience with you.
Address pr. Dzerjinskogo, 1/3, Novosibirsk, Russia
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